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Missing or Broken Teeth  

It is important to replace or repair missing or broken teeth. Your bite does not come together as it should if your teeth are missing or broken and this can allow your teeth to shift. Missing teeth, especially if there are several in one area can cause your cheeks to look sunken which can prematurely age your face. Dr. Galloway is very experienced in placing crowns, bridges and implants which are used to replace or repair those missing or fractured teeth.


A crown is a cap (shaped like a tooth) that is placed over your tooth to improve its strength and appearance and restore it to a more normal size and shape. You might ask: “Why do I need a crown?”.
Here are some common reasons why Dr. Galloway may recommend a crown:

  • Severe decay that has compromised the strength of the tooth
  • Root canals (most teeth that have had root canals need a crown placed on them)
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Implants
  • Excessive wear on your teeth


A bridge is “just that” a dental appliance that bridges the gap between teeth. If you are missing a tooth, you have a couple options; you can get an implant and crown or a bridge. A bridge has two crowns, one each end that fit over your teeth and the center “tooth” (or “teeth” if you are missing more than one) is a false tooth.


An implant is an artificial root that is placed into the bone with a crown placed over it. Implants are used to replace missing teeth due to trauma, genetics or periodontal disease.


If you are missing multiple teeth, dentures are a perfectly acceptable option. Dr. Galloway provides Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures, Overdentures, Implant-retained dentures and Immediate dentures. Dentures can be made from many different materials. Dr. Galloway and his staff are happy to show you examples of each option to give you the tools to make an educated decision in your treatment care.

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